The "Generating more book sales" section of the website has to be seen to be beleived.

The actual advice is a number of How-To lists quite clearly plagiarized from other websites, and then at the end they add: (bolding mine)

As we have given you 40 ideas on how you the authors' can generate more book sale for your book(s) over the
last 3 months. We feel that we had given you all the tactics you need to create book sale on your end as a author
of your book.

Now the only thing to do is to head back to the top of this page and start doing these tactics over again. Also as
long as your book is published, continue to repeat these tactics over and over again on a daily and weekly basis.
Being a Author never stops. So why should you stop in doing the most important thing as a author, which is to get
out and talk, talk and talk about yourself and about your book.

We wish all of our authors the best with their books