So we've had Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games. What's going to be next? (And do you write your YA novel yearning that it'll one day be made into a film?)

Would you prefer the blockbuster films or more indie ones?

I was checking out IMDB the other day and saw Saoirse Ronan (young Briony from 'Atonement') is in pre-production for 'How I live now'. I've recently read the book, so I'll be interested in seeing it when it comes out. Saoirse is also in post-production for 'The Host' (does this girl have it written into her contracts that she'll only do adaptations? Lol. She was also in 'The Lovely Bones' and 'City of Ember').

Dakota Fanning is in 'Now is good' (the book was called 'Before I die').

Emma Watson is in 'The perks of being a wallflower'.

Are there any other YA books being made into films?