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This site lists jobs in publishing as well as internships. Many of the positions are based in NYC. They should give you a feel though. I think an internship may help you get a foot in the door though it is no guarantee. From what I've seen (I'm not now nor have I ever been employed in this industry), it's hard to find full time work from home. Many companies expect new employees to appear a few times a week for meetings and the like. You'll learn more in the office than out. Good luck. http://www.bookjobs.com/
This website was exactly what I was going to post. It's what my university's Career Services gave me. I graduated in May and have been using it to apply to publishing, etc. positions whenever possible. I have a BA in Creative Writing with a bunch of experience--Editing and Publishing courses, running a magazine, etc.--under my belt, and I haven't heard anything back yet. I think it (partially) may have something to do with so many people looking for work right now. But if you want to get into the industry, definitely look at what the qualifications are on these jobs. Some require professional experience (i.e. have worked for publishers, etc. before). But others look at things like editing experience and things like that. If you have campus lit mags, get involved as much as possible. See if there are any relevant courses as well if you can squeeze them in. Good luck!