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Question for some of ya'll: Are any of your characters in your historic stories slave-holders.

So my question is, if you are dealing with the subject of slavery, how are you doing it?
As you know, I'm writing Roman fiction, and for my MC slavery is absolutely normal. I agree with Deb, he behaves completely by his social mores. As I write more books, I want to show the flip side of slavery, it wasn't just the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians . . . Everyone was doing it. Personal freedom was a tenous thing, and if you were on the losing side in battle, you were fair game. Even Romans were enslaved, hence why it was acceptable to fall on your sword, but not commit suicide because of your injuries.

The Romans believed that they had divine providence on their side, and that is why they won so many battles. It was their destiny. If it wasn't, then they would lose the favour of the gods. And after all, slavery was a tradition, and nothing was more important the Romans than their traditions.