As most of us here choose to work in one genre predominantly, I thought it might be interesting to hear if anyone has had something similar happen to them.

When it comes to writing novels, I'm a horror writer through and through. Yeah, I've sold some short stories that are more lit-fic or suspense, but they're still pretty damn dark. I write horror because I like horror - also because I find I can't seem to find a way to find a lot of my stories interesting besides throwing in something scary, or something meant to get a reaction.

I'm not a big flaunter of my trade - I don't exactly announce to people I'm a writer. Usually it's to avoid the, "Oh, you write books?! OMG I TOTALLY WRITE TOO!" and then have to hear about the stunning novel.... they've thought about once or twice in the last ten years. You know the kind.

However, when it does come up and people ask what I write, I tell them horror. It's the truth - it's what I do.

Then comes the predictable glazed stare, the cautious step back, and the "Oh... cool. I like Stephen King and the Walking Dead, too," before they run out of the room.

Or, in another case - my mother, who's a huge supporter of what I do, constantly asks when I'm going to write 'something serious.' She likes to suggest I write mysteries, romance, or other subjects I know less about than the surface composition of Venus.

In short, it just seems like everyone has this stigma about horror writers, like we can't hack it as 'real writers' and choose to do the next best thing instead.

I bet some YA writers have tales about when they've been asked when they're going to write 'grown up' stuff, and erotica writers with all kinds of real horror stories - I'd love to hear them!