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Thread: HELP: Formatting a stage play using Movie Magic software

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    Stage play format has become something of a stylistic choice for younger gen. playwrights. Indented margins on stage directions, like the auto format you'd find in Final Draft, are sometimes abandoned in favor the directions dragging across the whole page - thus, looking more like a screenplay, but still within rounded brackets. One argument for this being that the indented margins end up making your page count longer.

    Whether its MM or FD, I usually end up formatting the stage direction elements.


    Here are a few points for modern playwriting:

    1. Title page, including contact information. Arguably, no date included because you don't want to a reader to think your material is old.

    2. Separate character / setting page, listing all characters that appear with a brief description and the time and place. This is for your casting director - don't make them read through your script to figure this all out. Put it right up front for them to see. When you're working in FD, edit this from Document > Title Page.

    3. New scenes always begin on a new page.

    4. Stage directions inside brackets should be italicized, but not the brackets themselves.

    5. Recommended 12 pt. type. Number your pages. I always leave the first page without a number.
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