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Thread: Willow Moon Publishing

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    Willow Moon Publishing

    Willow Moon Publishing.

    There is no info on P&E and I can't find a thread here. Anybody know anything about them other than their website?

    I'd appreciate any info, thanks.

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    An (unnamed) family-run business who are not open to submissions (they are by invitation only).

    Their covers look amateurish.

    Poking through their website, clicking on books repeatedly takes me back to the front page rather than giving me any information.

    They do not sell the books via their website, most likely because they are published by Createspace, which you could do yourself.

    The blurb from Bergman, Rossellini, and Me, by Linda Smith (selected at random, my bold):

    In the summer of '49, the Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb. Off the coast of Italy on the island of Stromboli, the love affair of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini exploded, too. Which had the greater impack on the world we now live in? Recall the story through the eyes of a star-struck adolescent girl
    The (brief) sample of Dream Mists by Ashlynn Monroe (also selected at random) includes a line stating the MC "poured" over a yearbook. Feel free to make your own jokes.

    Just Say No, kids.

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    Well, editors who'd catch such gaffes are just big meanies anyway, right?

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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    Does anyone else wonder about the strange similarity between the name of the OP and the name of the publisher?

    - Victoria

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    Fighting off ninja plot bunnies saphirablue84's Avatar
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    I was just wondering about that myself. Also, this doesn't help ease my mind.

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    Wilde about Oscar aliceshortcake's Avatar
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    I thought that name rang a bell:

    Some of the names behind Willow Moon can be found here:

    Co-owner Anna D'Arclon and editor-in-chief Ami Russell have links with White Rose Press.
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    Quote Originally Posted by victoriastrauss View Post
    Does anyone else wonder about the strange similarity between the name of the OP and the name of the publisher?

    - Victoria
    I was trying to hope it was a coincidence (why would you ask questions about a publisher not open to submissions?).

    Aidana - is this a genuine enquiry or some ham-fisted attempt to gain publicity for a press you're connected with?

    If this is a press you're connected with, why not introduce yourself, tell us a bit about where you are, where you're going, and why we should entrust our work to somebody who makes appalling errors like the ones I mentioned above. Seriously, I picked two books at random - that was what I found.


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