Looking for a writing buddy and exchange partner. Ideally someone who is writing or is about to write a novel, who likes deadlines, is able to produce readable first drafts and is good at seeing big picture stuff. My previous buddy* and I settled into a nice system. We'd set a date and a goal (e.g., 10k in eight days). When the deadline arrived, we emailed our WIP, marked them up, then skyped/chatted about story direction, character, etc. We also checked in every few days with word count, problems etc. It worked very, very well.

Genres: Will happily read everything except religious stuff--I'd be terrible at that. If it's a genre I don't know well, I'll read up on it. I write literary and genre short stories and, so far, genre novels, both YA and adult. Also some... other stuff for adults.

What I suck at: Writing stories for no one in particular. Submitting anything (though I have good results when I do).
What I'm great at: Motivating people to write. Honest, useful feedback. I understand the mechanics of writing from the top down, and my ideal buddy will, too.

I'm really hoping for something long-term and don't mind waiting for the perfect fit.

PM or respond here if interested.

(*My previous buddy is now in grad school and while we still exchange some work, she can't finish multiple novels a year on top of everything else. Slacker, right?)