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Thread: How many self-published books have you bought?

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    How many self-published books have you bought?


    I have been reading a lot here to understand how people sell and buy self-published books. However, I did not find any forum asking the questions, "How many books have you actually brought?" and "Why did you buy them?" Was it because someone told you about it? Did the summary should interesting? Or did you read a free chapter or volume?

    In another forum I made, I was surprised to learn that friends and family of the author don't contribute much to e-book sales. So, I am wondering, what does?

    I think that it would be interesting to see why people buy a self-published book in the first place. If we know why people buy a book, it would be easier to market a book that you write.

    I have also read about Goodreads, do any of you use that?

    Thank you
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