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Thread: Beta needed for 1,000 word extract

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    Beta needed for 1,000 word extract

    Hey guys, looking for some help on an extract that's a little over 1,000 words. It involves dragons and assassins if that sparks anyone's interest. Need some feedback pretty sharpish though,
    Many thanks

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    You should try first the newbie guide
    and then the great post by Maryn talking about beta readers.

    Is not that people don't wanna help you, is that they don't know you, and since this is
    your very first comment, seems like you don't want to know us either. To get
    something, you've got to give something.

    Anyway, I hope you stay around, take some time to read very useful and interesting
    threads, and most importantly of all, get to know the people here. We are pretty cool.
    We have cookies. And we love to help out our friends!
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    We are all works in progress.
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    Good post, Violeta. A pleasure to meet you, Spread. Take your time to settle in, make some friends, become part of the community, then ask--usually that's all it takes to get exactly the assistance you need.

    Also, giving critique gets you critique. We've got plenty of work just awaiting your input!

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