Hey AW community, this is my first thread. I'm still a newbie here, there might be something for it but I haven't found. Here is my situation:
I'm writing -or at least trying to write- fictional stories and novellas, but the problem is my writing style repeating itself constantly. I can see the exactly same sentences in my writings, same thoughts, same protagonists, same issues. I do have very good imagination and can be very creative, but while writing something, it doesn't work that way. How do I break this repeating circle?
I've published one short story so far, it's been said worth to read, but I can't continue on that story because I'm afraid of that second chapter will be exactly same as first chapter. It'd be like re-reading first chapter again and again.

p.s: I'm not native English speaker, but I do write my works in English if that matters. I'm still working on my grammar and vocabulary.