Firstly, well done on working on your English - I wish I were as fluent in the languages I learnt at school (now very rusty!).

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I've published one short story so far, it's been said worth to read, but I can't continue on that story because I'm afraid of that second chapter will be exactly same as first chapter. It'd be like re-reading first chapter again and again.
I'm not clear here whether you're working on a series of short stories or a novel. Short stories and chapters are different things - chapters are arbitrary chunks of a larger work (some writers don't use chapters at all), whereas short stories are totally self-contained (though they can be connected).

If a novel, then you need to make sure that your plot progresses. Watch some movies and observe how the conflicts escalate, the stakes get higher, and the story moves to a dramatic conclusion. Read some good books in English (preferably in the genre you want to write), and see how other writers do it. Often, each chapter will be a separate incident, almost like a short story in miniature, but in a different setting or with different characters.

If you are writing short stories, again, look to writers doing similar things. See how they reuse ideas and settings but put a fresh spin on them.

Of course you will tend to come back to themes and motifs that interest you. I've noticed in writing my second book that some types of incident recur (a dramatic getaway by boat, for example) that I didn't plan but seem to bubble up from my imagination automatically. I don't think that's a bad thing as long as you don't repeat yourself in every story!