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Unfortunately, IMO, Christianity seems by and large to be more based on Paul's teachings than Jesus's. The New Testament itself contains only 4 books (the synoptic Gospels) which contain Jesus' words (e.g. Love thy neighbor, Golden Rule, turn the other cheek, etc.). However, it contains 13 (or 14 if he wrote Hebrews) with Paul's teachings (e.g. Women keep silent in the church, be submissive, not permitted to hold dominion over a man, slaves be obedient to your masters, etc.).

There's an indelible disconnect between what those two guys taught and, unfortunately, it seems the guy who started Christianity has had historically less impact on the doctrine of its more fundamentalist conservative followers. And, many current Republican and Tea Party politicians seem to be in that group, as is evidenced by their baleful social agenda.
My parents favourite book in the Bible was Romans because "it was the book that properly described a Christian."

The name of the book is Romans. . .