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Thread: I'm going to self publish!

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    I'm going to self publish!

    I've decided to self publish in ebook format only and I'm excited and scared!

    I have been debating on whether to self publish for months now. What made me decide to take the plunge? Well, a couple of things.

    I'm not one that has a dream of seeing my books on book shelves in bookstores. Personally, I think ebooks are the future and are a very popular format for the genre I write, erotic paranormal romance.

    Thankfully I have a husband who is a web developer, and marketer so this helps me tremendously! He has made my website, created my Twitter and Facebook pages and created amazing book covers for me. He will do the uploading of my books to smashwords and KDP, and he is taking on all the marketing. So this leaves me time to continue doing what I love, writing.

    I will promote myself through the popular channels (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Blogs) on my own and I fortunately have the time to do it.(I'm a stay at home mom with 2 kids in school full time.)

    I'm not looking to make a living off my writing, basically I'll just be happy if people enjoy my stories. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to make some money too. Who wouldn't?

    So, today my husband and I will start the process of getting my novel ready to upload. I have also written a novelette based in the same world as my novel. Should I publish them at the same time?
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