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Thread: How to query an essay collection?

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    How to query an essay collection?

    How do I query a book of personal/literary/creative nonfiction essays? Do I pitch it more like fiction, or more like a nonfiction proposal (platform, market analysis etc)? They're not food, travel, solely memoir, or other kinds of 'platform-based' essays per se, so I wouldn't quite know how to do a proposal...
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    I'd be interested in any feedback on this as well.

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    I'm going to guess that this is very, very difficult to sell. Unless you've already sold essays to magazines/websites and have a name. Or maybe if all the essays have a common theme that makes them more marketable. Is this just a collection of essays about random topics? Have you been published before?

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    New kid, be gentle!
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    I can fit the essays into a theme. I am organizing them now and sending them out individually to venues. I have published various fiction; I am querying my first book, a short story cycle, now.

    (I don't know why I've chosen the short story and the essay as my MO.)

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    I think the first step will be to find publisher who have published similar books. Most submission guidelines will not suit this format for the simple reason that the publisher is not seeking this format.
    Emily Veinglory


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