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Hi fellow writers,
Can anybody help me define my genre?
I've read SO many definitions of genre and am still utterly confused where my book fits exactly. I'm afraid if I pitch as Urban Fantasy and it's actually Paranormal Mystery/Suspense, it will be a dealbreaker. And it also may be making me search for the wrong agent.

My book is set in an unnamed town, in modern society but not specifically a city, and there is only 1 element of Fantasy or Paranormal in it (the character's true nature), which isn't even revealed up until the last couple of pages. I mean, deaths keep happening and the main character knows its her, but doesn't know everything about it.

My character is not entirely human (she knows it) and in the last few chapters the secondary character starts realizing that is a possibility, and her reality is revealed (and there is an encounter with more beings like her, on the very last chapter).

I used to think it was Urban Fantasy, simply because there is 1 element that is not of our reality. But now I am not sure if it's UF or Paranormal and if I should call it mystery as well because there is something we don't know that will be revealed little by little and full-blown in the end.

Can somebody pretty please help me? It's taking me a lot of effort and guts to start resubmitting again and I want my chances to be the best they can be. I really wouldn't like something as the wrong definition of genre to screw up my chances with an agent.

Thank you, friends!
You are quite welcome.

I'd pitch it as Urban Fantasy (with elements of mystery, but I don't see it necessary to bring that up unless asked).

ETA-Welcome to AW!