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Thread: Shameless plug for Talking Geek Online

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    Geekzilla BigWords's Avatar
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    Shameless plug for Talking Geek Online

    If anyone wants to delve into the minutia of films, television, comics, toys, or whatever obsession you have, then you might want to know about Talking Geek Online. It may be small, but it is friendly.
    The blog, which may not be updated regularly enough. -- I'm linking to other AW blogs here. -- There's some nonsense here when I can be bothered.
    Don't hold your breath...

    Quote Originally Posted by AbielleRose View Post
    Dude, I am not that flexible.
    Quote Originally Posted by aliwood View Post
    The SFF Review Educational Supplement is now open. I'll be listing books, podcasts, online courses and anything else that aims to help the SFF writer improve their skills, provided they're free. (the books, podcasts, online courses and anything else, not the writers)

    The British Comics Database is growing. Or mutating. I'm not quite sure which, yet.

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    'Twas but a dream of thee El Jefe MacAllister's Avatar
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    Cool! Thank you, Gary -- it's a whole wide internet, and I find myself treading the same well-worn path over and over, so someplace new and cool is always a welcome change.

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    practical experience, FTW Michael Murphy's Avatar
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    I'll have to check it out!

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    figuring it all out a.forr3st3r's Avatar
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    i could not find talking geek is it still working?

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin AnthonyHill's Avatar
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    Sounds interesting. I’d like to know what that is about. But either your url isn’t live or simply doesn’t work. Keep us updated anyhow.
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