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That's basically how my mother, being Reformed, used to think about Catholics. Now, her attention has shifted to Muslims too.

I think you're right; fear is at the basis of it all. But also, in order for her worldview to be right, any other worldview has to be wrong. And because the basis of her faith is irrational, her rejection of other faiths has to be aswell. She doesn't know anything about Islam, but she's adamant it's wrong nonetheless. That's what religion does for her.

My mom has tried to study Islam. I'm just not real sure about her source materials. Her conclusion is that whole "world domination" theory I mentioned.

I've tried to refer her to the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, and what that must look like to the average person, what with God going around smiting everyone. It's not a clear representation of Christianity, either.

I wish she would just CHILL sometimes.