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Thread: What Your Characters Say

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    I think quotable lines evolve from characters that are worth remembering. Rather than focusing on dialogue that may be remembered years from now, I'd work on characters. Fleshed out characters create fleshed out dialogue.

    I mean, would Scarlett's words have been so d***ed memorable if Scarlett hadn't been so memorable, and if the words said in that exact moment hadn't fit her character and the situation so perfectly?

    Think movies, for instance..."You had me at hello.", "Nobody puts Baby in the Corner", Or "You can't handle the truth!" just to name a few off the top of my head. I bet most people can name the movies these came from.

    They're effective, memorable quotes because they fit the characters and the situations so perfectly.

    Once you have the well-developed characters, you'll just KNOW when the dialogue fits.
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