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Thread: A little bit of everything

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    A little bit of everything

    I need some help defining what genre my WIP is.

    Blurb: When Claire’s cousin, Jesse, moves upstate, she no longer has a guardian angel to protect her from her parents, particularly her abusive mother. Unable to cope alone, fourteen-year-old Claire meddles in witchcraft with Jesse’s long-distance girlfriend in the hope that they can bring Jesse home. Rather than Jesse, his father (Uncle Doug) returns and lives with Claire and her mother. Although Uncle Doug offers some buffer to her mother's temper, he loses own at the slightest mention of Jesse. Claire’s worst fears are confirmed when Jesse shows up and claims his father wants to kill him. Now she must protect him and discover what secret her uncle is hiding before Uncle Doug finds out about hers.

    My story has sections of child abuse, death, religious references, ghosts, and spell-casting/witchcraft but the novel doesn't stray too far from realism. I'm not sure what sub genre of YA this would be: horror, supernatural fantasy, dark fantasy...or something else.

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    Fantasy mix? Misc. Paranormal? I found a website that might help you figure it out. It contains descriptions of genres and sub-genres:

    Good luck!
    From CHERRY:
    Steveís sweet, he really is, but sometimes heís clueless and what about me? Iím telling him itís dangerous but do I wear a condom? What am I, insane? I read once that when you have sex with a person, youíre actually having sex with every other person that person ever had sex with. Steveís a hooker so how many people have I done it with? And Iím telling him not to kill himself and meanwhile, Iím pulling my gun out of the closet and speaking of closets, I swear Iím not gay and Iím

    I donít know what I am.

    /kk's blog will return/

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    I'd start by distinguishing in your own mind what you're writing from what you're selling. Make sure you know what you want to do -- and it sounds as if you do -- and then finish it in the way that feels right.

    After that, set out to decide how you want to sell it. That's when the question of genre seems to me to matter, not while you're writing.

    In other words, you don't need to write in a genre; you just need to publish in one, so why not try putting your finished work in as many sub-genres as you can imagine it, in as many different query letters as possible? Some won't work at all, but others will emerge as good fits. If you end up with two or three good fits, consider pitching your book in different ways to different agents.

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    I'm thinking dark fantasy if - and only if - the witchcraft actually works. As soon as you introduce the theme of spell-casting it is very hard to persuade your readers that you are not in a fantasy world. Throw in a contemporary setting and elements of romance/ relationships, and dark fantasy seems to fit (as well as being reasonably saleable at the mo).

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    I'd go with dark fantasy since that can also cover supernatural fantasy and horror. If you want to play it safe, just label it fantasy and have the agent/publisher decide.


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