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1. Wordpress is no more "complex" than Google.

2. Websites absolutely are all about smartphones; that's what the HTML 5 move is all about, and why everyone from Amazon to Zoho are jumping on the HTML 5 schema.

3. If you own a Website you own the data; not so much with social networks. It gets tricky. Use Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your Website--which you own, and where YOU own the user data.
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What she said....

If you use nothing but Facebook and you get good results, that's fine. But personally, I would be nervous about all of my presence relying on a single other entity, particularly one with privacy issues.
I agree that throwing everything into social media that you don't own is risky and that it is good as a complement not a replacement. Which I why I will still use a website and perhaps HTML5 will increase its usability. It just appears right now that social media trumps the individual sites because of their ease of access and connectivity. Some sites flourish, I know, but for many - and especially newcomers - its much more challenging to attract attention to a site when most of the content can be accessed on a variety of social media sites. With HTML5 perhaps these differences will become less as the two become more intertwined.

I tried Wordpress a couple years ago and it was a huge headache - I spent more time on trying to figure out how to manipulate the themes & appearance and remove viruses than on the content. Each theme had different parts buried in different sections - not at all intuitive. I actually would like to use it in theory because of what I see and read about it, but it was not easy to design the site I wanted. Perhaps I'll give it another try.