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Thread: Goodbye, CactusWendy, we love you

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    Goodbye, CactusWendy, we love you

    So I just got this note from CactusWendy's daughter:
    Hi There,
    My name is Larissa the daughter of Wendy or cactuswendy,
    She has asked me to let you and the others know the she " loves the snot out of all of you"
    She will not be here on earth to much longer. Her family is currently in hospice with her.Wendy was very found of you and with this forum she was able to see and discover things that kept her mind alert and creative. For that I thank you.
    Please pass this along to anyone you feel you need to. Thank you,Larissa
    One of the very hard parts about loving our community is dealing with goodbyes. I hate goodbyes under the best of circumstances, and I'm a rebellious soul in general.

    But if you're the praying kind, you might offer a prayer to the Maker for her journey to be kind. Or for him to change his mind and leave her here with us for a few more decades, for that matter.

    CactusWendy has been an absolute hero to me, since long before I was running AW. And I know I'm not the only one in the community who has been touched by her grace, her wit, her humor, and her utter magnificence.

    CactusWendy, just in case you happen to read this: I love the snot out of you, too -- thank you so very much for being who you are. You have changed my life for the better and I am vastly richer for knowing you even a little bit. Thank you.

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