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Thread: Masters Productions (Tim Howard)

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    Masters Productions (Tim Howard)

    Regarding "Howard Tim" (aka "Tim Howard"):

    I submitted a query in response to the post below, from the ISA "Writing Gigs" blog. My logline/synopsis got an immediate request for the full script. That didn't surprise me, because my pitch gets that response more often than not. I sent the latest draft. A few days later, I received an e-mail message telling me that the company loved my script and that it was in the final running for production (although their ad implied that they would be accepting scripts for the next six months). Not 12 hours later, I got a "personal" e-mail from Mr. Tim (Mr. Howard) saying that he was so moved by my screenplay that he would steer it through the selection process, because he was in charge of the "selection committee". For this service, he asked me to pay him $3,000 up front.

    I told him that if his company wants to make my film, he can send a contract to my copyright attorney, but under no circumstances would any money be paid to him by me.

    Here's a copy of his ad (it may not be on the ISA site for long, because I have advised them that it is probably a scam):

    A new production company is seeking screenplay submission on any good genre. The screenplay must be a finished one, with lots of intrigues and creativity. If you have any screenplay that you want to see produced submit a query to this mail: Please don’t submit any screenplay yet unless on request. The genre (e.g.: action, thriller, horror, comedy, drama, suspense, Sci-Fi etc.) is open for now because we are looking for something captivating. The budget is open too; glad to say that the company has lots of fund to invest, looking at producing couple of scripts this year and next. Submission ends on 10.04.2012

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    Avoid any calls for submissions which make the common errors of the non-native speaker, for instance, mixing up singular and plural nouns. Also, odd adjective/adverb choices - basically anything which looks like it's been written with the aid of the thesaurus.

    At best they'll be incompetent.

    Glad you weren't taken in and thanks for the heads up.

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    Preditors & Editors Requiescat In Pace DaveKuzminski's Avatar
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    Is there a web site for that operation?
    When it comes to PA, the royalty check and the reality check arrive in the same envelope.

    Remember to be kind to writers who step in PA. They really don't know how bad it smells.

    The difference between PA and WLA? None. Both have the stench of dead and dying books emanating from their doorways.

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    May 2011
    The original ad was posted on this site:

    The e-mail message closed with this info:

    Tim Howard
    Producer/Member Screenplay Review Board
    Masters Productions

    The site doesn't look like a movie company to me. In any case, I haven't heard from this guy since I refused to pay him money. I have been a professional actor for nearly 30 years and one thing I have learned is that if they ask for money up front, it's usually a scam. (In NY State, it's also unlawful to ask performers to pay anything other than a commission on completed jobs.)

    I understand what you are saying about the language, but I don't think that is a reliable guide. I know some perfectly intelligent and articulate people who can't write a coherent sentence. I've also seen e-mail apps make a hash out of what I have written (from buffer overruns, to deletes that don't take, to grammar and spell checkers making strange choices, etc.)

    In any case, I looked for the post again this morning and couldn't find it, so it must have been removed as a result of my complaint.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    May 2011
    The ISA has confirmed to me that it has removed the post for this "producer".

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