I'm extremely new to the idea of starting a freelance career. I honestly had no idea that content sites were the source of so many articles online. If you wouldn't mind, can you please explain a few things to me?

1. How are people writing 5, 10, 15, etc articles a day? Is it basically searching online for content to re-write an article that's already online somewhere? I cannot imagine it's possible to truly research these subjects in such a short period of time.

2. I have just started writing a few assignments on Helium. My particular writing style is one that I need to be somewhat connected to. I can't just write for the sake of writing. Well, I can, but I don't want to. Is that pretty much the limitations of writing for a content site?

3. The sites obtain rights to the works for a period of 1 year. Do you ever worry that you are wasting opportunities to write for other journals, magazines, publishers, by writing these articles? I mean, people who write 100 articles a week for these sites are basically losing the ability to use their research on 100 topics each week, should they decide to write for another source.

4. Are these articles clogging up the internet? Or are they really useful? Is it naive to want to be a freelancer who actually writes for an eager audience? I believe I have something to share with the world and I am a little concerned that writing for these sites will just feel like a "job." I'm not in it for the money. I am in it for sharing what I've learned over my lifetime so others can know they aren't alone. Stories/articles like that don't seem to be important or the norm for these sites.

5. I decided to start writing for Helium as a way to build up a portfolio. I haven't really written anything since I was in high school, so I thought this would be a good way to build up portfolio samples for future opportunities. Is this a respectable way to build a sample base?

6. Am I even on the right track? Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong? How can I build an audience or following without cheapening the quality of my work? I've started a blog in the last week, so is that a better way to offer writing samples than articles I write for content sites?

I really appreciate any advice or guidance you can offer. I am dumbfounded by how many terms are used in the freelance industry! It's almost as if I'll need a textbook to understand it all! Thank you and look forward to reading your responses. If this is the wrong area, please feel free to move it. Thanks!