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There are certainly psychopathic atheist that have existed, you don't have to reach too far into the history books to find those Johnny (-_-), I don't know what you're saying here.
I'm saying exactly what you are saying. Psychopathic atheists exist, but their "Yippee, I can do anything I want without repercussions or consequences" philosophy does not stem from their atheism...This strikes me as manifestly obvious, as the lists of theists with identical personality traits is quite a bit longer (if only because historically the list of theists generally has been quite a bit longer than the list of atheists). The atheism of these psychopaths, when it exists, is more likely symptomatic of their psychopathy.

As an aside, I would posit that there is a special class of atheism that might transfer through this end of the spectrum--a sort of philosophically adolescent atheist--but I'd characterize even that as a sort of temporary madness that resolves itself over time. A healthy functioning nonpsychopathic human being would inevitably find such a philosophy untenable.