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Thread: Peaceful Atheist vs. Evil Atheist

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    Quote Originally Posted by PPartisan View Post
    Once didn't say that at all
    Hmm. When he used the clause "The point is..." I took him at his word.

    Seriously, I never quoted him as saying all child-abusers were atheists. He certainly skirted it, and left himself wide-open for someone (me) to infer it, but he didn't say it and I didn't say he did. My point was...and you'll have to take me at my word...that "Yippee! I can do anything I want without fear of retribution," is more often a psychopathy symptomatic of religious people than atheists.
    Quote Originally Posted by Once! View Post
    ...even Gordon Gecko said that "greed is good" which is a belief system of sorts.
    I never saw Wall Street. Was Gordon Gecko an atheist?
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