In my novel, I do my best to show the good in bad in several groups of people. The main antagonist of my novel tries to persuad the other characters to join the 'dark side'. (the text's execution of it isn't as cheesy as it sounds, hopefully). But I'm running into problems with my main Atheist character.
My MC is young teenager who has a strong sense of moral duty that's shattered by the events in the story. I don't think I have much problem filling out my Antagonist because throughout life I've been confronted with the World-Is-Screwed-So-Forget-Everyone-Else type of people (and many of them claimed to believe in God) I understand this point of view quiet well.

What books do you guys suggest I read (movies are good too) that deal with Good vs Bad Atheist? Sorry if this has already been posted. If anyone can copy and past a link it would be greatly appreciated.