Hi, all.

I joined a couple years back. I have stopped in throughout the long process of getting my book from a first draft to a soon-to-be-released series.

I just had to vent, because I was sent the cover recently and . . . I feel so let down by my publisher. It just is a big slap in the face to spend years working on a project only to get a cover it looks like some highschooler Photoshopped, mashing together a romance novel cover and a paperback Babysitter's Club cover from the 1970s.

What can you do when a publisher, for whatever reason, gets so set on a really mediocre idea? My book has a multitude of good locations and scenes to choose from, and the artist picked the most generic, boring concept. Overdone . . . and done better before.

I feel like it is being doomed to never get the audience it deserves because it has been completely misrepresented. I really believe my book will never overcome its cover, no matter how hard I try to sell it. I'm so depressed.