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I think there's a hidden rationing going on here. We have all got an internal budget for just how far we are prepared to suspend disbelief, and just how many times we will let the author "get away with one".
Excellent point. I recently completed a manuscript about a guy in Witness Protection. At first, I took one or two minor liberties with how that program might work. Nothing serious. Then I decided it would be fun, if the FBI actually had a department in which it hired professional writers to develop the new "lives" for the witnesses. Then, I decided it would be even more fun, if the FBI began hiring directors and cameramen and professional actors and built studio-like sets and developed scripts and...and...and...

Finally, one day I was forced acknowledge that I had gone too far. Not just too far. WAAAAY too far. I cut nearly 10,000 words in the process of removing the bulk of it, but it had to be done. The plot had reached the point of ludicrousness.

It was fun to write though, and I saved the excised text in case I ever have a future piece in which it would be appropriate.