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I've had my say, Old Hack. I still don't understand why you have taken such an interest in my business, and seek to tear me down. If you want to know something about me, you can ask.

My clients are happy with my work, and my editor colleagues often request to see my clients' manuscripts. I could boast more, but then you would accuse me of yet another crime. Not gonna go there.
No one is trying to tear you or your business down. This is a community of writers and writing professionals. People come here to this board to seek advice. It's not the goal of anyone here or the function of these boards to tear people down.

Yes, there have been questions asked on this thread based on the information YOU supplied on your PUBLIC website. Certain things there raised questions and possible concerns. That's not trying to tear anyone down, that's honesty.

Look at it this way, if you were taking my apendix out I would want to know if you had any medical training. It's the same with any business, publishing is no exception.