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Thread: Adam Sandler

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    Quote Originally Posted by regdog View Post
    Can't. I've always wondered the same thing myself.

    though I will admit that for some ridiculous reason, I did like Little Nikky. I know. I can't believe it either.

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    Just a guy with a pen & a delusion Mr. Anonymous's Avatar
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    I liked him in Funny People and Happy Gilmore. Though I haven't watched Happy Gilmore in years, maybe it won't hold up...

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    practical experience, FTW cmi0616's Avatar
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    Sandler is definitely hit or miss. While I really liked Water Boy, 50 First Dates, and Big Daddy, I found myself at a loss to describe how bad movies like Zohan, Jack and Jill, and even Happy Gilmore, which many say are one of his better films.

    His ventures into more dramatic movies have been interesting though. I rather liked Reign Over Me, and I think acting-wise it might be his best performance to date. I thought Funny People had a lot of potential before it dragged on for about an hour longer than it should have. But then again, Punch Drunk Love were excruciatingly unbearable.
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    I like a lot of his older stuff; Billy Madison, Big Daddy, Fifty First Dates, Happy Gilmore, Waterboy, etc. However, I don't like his serious roles. That type of movie just doesn't work for him.
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    Zombie lovin' elindsen's Avatar
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    While we're on the topic of Sandler and why, why is he portraid as a sex symbol in so many movies. That I can think of, 50 first dates, Funny people and Zohan. I've heard there are others.

    He is not good looking

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