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Thread: How to promote your book like an intelligent human being and not an SEO Dweeb

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    figuring it all out
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    Great advice within this thread. I now have a few more places to visit for promotional purposes. It is a shame that Amazon won't let me set up a giveaway due to where I live. But I just set up one with GoodReads so that'll be interesting to see how that goes

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    Wetting my feet get Slaven's Avatar
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    There are so many promotional techniques. SEO, SEM, Social media etc.

    It all depends on your gaols. Branding takes one way, profits another. You want to sell more books? You need a good plan for it. People usually overpay some things while not even considering some cheaper and more effective ways to promote their product.

    I'm a new author but quite experienced in digital marketing so ask me anything. 😌

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    Writer Beware's Faithful Igor Richard White's Avatar
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    I wish I had thought to take pictures when I was doing that back in Monterey in the 80s. I used to be an apprentice armorer/swordsmith in the SCA. One of my tasks was to cold forge a broadsword. I remember beating on that piece of steel for months. Then when it finally passed muster, the master armorer took it and stuck it in the fire and said, now that you know how to do it, do it again.

    I damn near cried, but the second one went much better. And then I was just starting to learn hot forging when my time at DLI ran out and I had to leave Monterey. *sigh*

    I have to admit, my arms were in the best shape they'd ever been after whanging on that lump of steel with a 5 pound hammer.

    Quote Originally Posted by AW Admin View Post
    That's a great example of something to write about.

    How to take a piece of steel (with pictures, even cell phone pictures) and make it into a sword.

    • Short posts over a series of weeks would be ideal. One a week, even. Aim for a length per post of 300 to 500 words; 750 tops.
    • Try to have an image in each post, if you can.
    • Have an image of your book and a link to a page about it and how to buy it in the sidebar of each post.

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    The One billythrilly7th's Avatar
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    Has anyone taken the time to compile all the amazing advice in this thread, updated it, and made it available to the lazy man in one easily clickable link?
    "It's smart. It's a smart line, and a smart crowd will appreciate it. And I'm not going to dumb it down for some bonehead mass audience!"
    George Costanza

    I've seen a million humps,...and I've rocked them all! Cause I'm the Thrillster, on the internet I ride, and I'm wanted. DEAD OR ALIVE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by billythrilly7th View Post
    Has anyone taken the time to compile all the amazing advice in this thread, updated it, and made it available to the lazy man in one easily clickable link?
    It's just one thread, and the conversations here are a big part of the advice given. You can't separate the talk from the information without losing a lot of the value.

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