I would swear the "hub" writing sites were a joke. 2 cents a word for 500-word articles? That's $10. 3 cents if you're a level-four?
Oh, yeah, you can make money if you write 20 a day, say those who claim to be making money at these things.

I guess on Hubpages, you can make a little more, if you get thousands of hits.
But I read five (or at least looked at them). Three were filled with grammatical and spelling errors and one I honestly couldn't understand (and all it was was a short essay on the pros and cons of filling your gas tank before you return a rental car).

Three were so long they induced MEGO (my eyes glaze over), and the last one was just a series of reproduced signs and charts (under the headline: Tips for Keeping Your Teenage Driver Safe. It had received NO hits. Wonder.