Bless you, Terie.

We all strive to make those first five pages perfect to grab the agent's attention, and then (irony alert) we lose a fraction of that perfection (the formatting) in the email. Sigh.

I have two follow-ups: concerning the dash -- double, single? I would think the email might play havoc with that as well. Also, suppose several paragraphs are meant to be italicized (in, say, for instance, a dream sequence). Is it one underscore at the start of the first paragraph and a second at the end of each paragraph, or just two underscores, one at the beginning and one at the end of the entire sequence? Please don't tell me they must appear on either side of every word.

I ask so many questions because when I do query (soon), I so wish to avoid the dreaded tag of --amateur.

Eternal thanks.