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Thread: My experience finding an artist

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnneGlynn View Post
    Thanks so much for this post, Grigoris. This isn't anything I plan to do but I loved hearing about your process.
    Thanks! Glad to hear its informative.

    As another update, Jimmy Kerast - the illustrator and colorist who did the colors on the poster above - has joined work on the comic. When I started, I originally envisioned the comic as b&w - perfect style for a series about a metal band. But Kevin suggested that he try adding some textured colors, which better fit his style of art. We liked it. Then for the poster, he suggested a fellow artist try the colors. When we saw Jimmy's work, we both agreed it was phenomenal and I asked him to join. Its worth the extra investment. Not only will it make the art even better, it will be easier to complete the comics on schedule. Also, I didn't mention before that my brother is the editor, and has been since I started writing the story. Editors are something that AWers recommend of course, but not all comic creators use them it seems. As with any writing, its essential. So now we have a full team. The first issue is inked and the coloring has started.
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