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Thread: Secularism

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardGarfinkle View Post
    I think there's a lack of distinction here between a secular state and a state without an established religion.

    A fully secular state would accord no status or recognition to religion at all, treating them as no more than private clubs.

    A state without an established religion might still recognize that each religion is important to its people and accord them a special status over other organizations (which the United States does for example in its First Amendment). In this case, each religion while lacking direct power still maintains a strong voice and a presence in the councils of the country.

    In the latter case gives to the religions avenues to exercise indirect power. In the former case, religions can influence individuals who may then choose to exercise that influence on behalf of the religions.

    The strongest force for religions in either such state is the respect or lack thereof the religion is given by the people of the society. The fact that respect is the needful element rather than direct exercise of power does create a strong distinction between a theocracy or either of the above two non-theocratic states.

    Yes, there is a lack of distinction between the kind of states that you mentioned. that might be helpful for elaborating the problem that I have brought in: the conceptual difficult of secularism.

    Here is our bloq
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