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Before you edited it your original post didn't even mentioned the concept you now say that thread is about. The word is found online only on your blog.

If you invented a word and want to talk about whether it is a useful neologism, why not just say so?

Otherwise I think you could more directly address your thesis which is still not clear to me. Especially your starting assumption about what secularism really is. Do you have a definition?

I see it as politics being religiously inclusive, not excluding religion from power.
yes, you are right in saying that i did not state the concept theologiocracy at the beginning. I wanted to draw the attention of people to this concept only in the context of the discussion of a more familiar notion of secularism. The debate on secularism takes place in the context of the larger problems related to the happenings like religious fanaticism, fundamentalism, terrorism, etc. A serious attention to these issues is more important than the newness of a concept. discussion need should not be constrained by discussion on neologism. my draft paper is only intended to provide a picture of foregrounding ideas related to the understanding of religious phenomenon. yes, your criticism of lack of clarity is well taken, and will be made it during the course of our discussion. i don't have definition of secularism, but trying to examining the logical viability of prevailing definitions.