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Thread: Secularism

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    understanding theologiocracy

    my intention is to initiate a discussion on 'understanding theologiocracy'. this is an attempt to understand the nature of working of religion, especially in the modern era. how does religion function in society once it has been confined to the domain of personal belief by secularism and democracy? the concept theologiocracy is brought in in order to characterise the working of religion affecting/influencing the power equilibrium and equations in various aspects of socio-cultural life of people in a post-theocratic society. by saying secularism is the logic of religion, i did not mean that it became another religion. it means only that secularism only provides a convenient logic for the functional division between religious and civil institutions in a democracy. but the argument given for this division cannot be based on viable separation between religion and social. since a radical isolation or dismissal of religion is not possible in relation to socio-cultural affairs, secularism cannot be taken as a non-religious, or anti-religious doctrine.

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