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Depends on what you mean by secularism. Most people who are called secularists by others call themselves humanists.
Hi Richard – thank you for your post. I was quite surprised to get a reaction so soon after I posted and your to the point reply impressed me much. I am teaching Philosophy at a Sanskrit University in Kerala in India and am now preparing for a Workshop concerning Secularism. Professors from many different beliefs and students will attend it. I could need all the feedback I can get. A friend of mine whom is a poster at the Cooler Board suggested I start a thread here and see if there is any interest for the subject. It would be super if our discussions can also flow over to this board. There may be more people here who could provide essential input. After your post I amm quite excited. But I am Newbie and I don’t really know how to incorporate the forum into our activities + whether it will be a success. I think I have much to learn. Are you a long time poster here? What are the contents of your books about? Secularism?