Hello all.

Tuesdays suck.

Also, one thing Ive noticed since I came (back) here is theres an awful lot of 1st person stuff kicking about.

Im very, very used to 3rd person, and while I have enjoyed reading some peoples 1st person submissions Im still finding it hard to get used to, which is why I havent done any crits yet in SYW. I dont want to just crit 3rd person submissions, the idea of not critting stuff purely based on writing style is restricting in several ways, yada yada more rambly stuff.

So, what it says on the tin-why 1st person? What would you say are the pro's and cons of both writing and reading 1st person? For example, from my absolute-zero-subject knowledge PoV, I think 1st person wouldnt be good for a plot driven story... am I right?

Sorry, it really is an alien concept to me but Im trying!

One thing I did read through was that challenge kuw set for himself, where he took some tropes/"no-goers" to see what he could do with them. LOVED that. kuw, if you read this, I think that is totally something worth trying to get published.

But as I said, Im not against it, just not used to it. Just thought Id ask.