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Thread: Kae Wilson Publishing

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    Kae Wilson Publishing

    I didn't find them listed here, but since someone on Query Tracker was asking for info (after subbing to them *sigh*) I thought I'd start a thread. Mods delete if I missed an existing one.

    It doesn't look like they have any current titles and the "About Us" is the first thing you see.

    * * *
    About Us

    This company is owned by a writer who understands the publishing process, knows the dedication needed to create a novel, and agrees that gaining a readership is important. We want to make each step of the process as easy as possible to bring your words to life.

    * * *

    It appears from the Staff page the owner is self pubbed with no real behind the scenes publishing experience.

    With the exception of the cover artist, no relevant experience is listed.
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    Check out the "story behind the story", too.

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    The owner is Tiffany Heiser-Wilson, author of Bonded With Love and Broken Bond, both published by Kae Wilson Publishing (Broken Bond has 44 pages and is priced at $7.50). The brief excerpts on Amazon don't inspire confidence in the company's editorial skills and the website isn't much better. I'd give this one a miss.
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    The website is obviously geared towards authors, not readers.

    Here at Kae Wilson Publishing, we provide the support that you and your novel deserves. Once accepted,your book will be polished to shine for the readers, and promoted throughout multiple social networks. You will get our undivided
    attention and respect throughout the entire process and beyond.

    We are here for you, the author, to bring your dream to life

    They also accept a large number of genres:

    Mystery, Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Crime, Thrillers/Suspense, and Science Fiction

    For small presses, it's better to focus on one or two genres. They seem to publish practically everything that's fiction.

    Their staff page has several red flags. There are no credentials for anyone working with them anywhere. Not even small bios. Just names and pictures, and in some cases one line of practically useless info.

    Q: What percentage can authors expect to receive from you?
    A: We will offer nothing lower than 10% with the first book.

    Considering they focus on eBooks primarily, these royalties seem very low. If I'm correct, it's usually 35%-40% on eBooks.

    Combined with what aliceshortcake pointed out - a 44 page book priced at $7.5, really? O_o - I'd definitely stay away from this one. Too many red flags.

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