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Thread: Exporting Celtx play

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    Exporting Celtx play

    So just started using Celtx for the first time; and while it was enjoyable and relatively easy to use, every time I try to export my script it's exported as a windows Notepad file. It loses all of its formatting and halfway through it turns to code. How could I fix this?
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    Celtx exports as a text file (.txt), which you can open in virtually any word processor by right clicking on the file and going to "open with" (or something similar, it's been ages since I've used a PC). More advanced word processors will probably show the correct formatting.

    Alternatively, you can format it and save it as a PDF (there's a tab at the bottom to do this) and then open it with Adobe Reader if you don't need to make changes outside of Celtx.
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    If you do the tab called "typeset/pdf" at the bottom you'll have a nicely formatted (just like Celtx) PDF version of your play.

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