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Thread: 50 Shades of Grey trilogy goes from fan fiction to Random House

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    I never heard of Wool before, but now I'm thinking of getting the omnibus edition from B&N, just based on the reader reviews here. Not just because they're all positive -- but because they're all thoughtful, substantive, correctly-spelled mini-reviews. The book seems to attract intelligent readers who know science fiction. The Nook version of the book is only $.99 (which seems odd; the paperback is $14.36).

    Just downloaded a free sample and read it. Intriguing beginning; couple of stylistic problems (e.g., when a sound is literally that of laughing children, there's not much point in saying it's "childlike").

    But I've become hypercritical of such things. As Isaac Asimov pointed out in an essay back in the '80s (in which he argued for speculative fiction to get the respect it deserves as a branch of literature), even if a good science fiction novel doesn't have great literary prose, it typically excels when it comes to creating a background from the author's imagination -- something a typical contemporary novel doesn't have to do. It excites the mind in ways other literature doesn't.

    It bugs me that the copyeditor in my head gets in the way of just enjoying sf the way I used to. Also, I often feel a sickening degree of pathetic envy for the authors.

    (Note: this doesn't apply to 50 Shades of Grey, which really does appear to be crap. The whole affair bears no resemblance to anything I want to do in the publishing world.)
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