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Thread: Looking for a Beta/Exchange.

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    Looking for a Beta/Exchange.

    Hello everyone I'm looking for someone to look over a Prologue and first few chapters for my YA fantasy Novel, and then continue if you are intrigued etc.

    I'd be happy to do an exchange or something similar if anyone is interested.

    This is the Query.

    Dear Agent:

    Ripped from our world and thrust into another, fifteen-year-old Evan Umbra must train to fight demons using magic he never knew he had. The problem is, Evan’s a demon himself.

    Evan joins the hunters training in Veneseron, the realm where orcs and elfpires teach teenagers to wield magic. But there is also an evil power inside of him, one no hunter is supposed to possess. This demonic sorcery is uncontrollable and rips the very souls from its victims. Evan is forced to hide his inner darkness from everyone--even the girl he secretly loves--fearing they’ll slaughter him for being an abomination.

    Evan doesn’t even know if he can confide in his newfound friends, wannabe-womaniser Jed and boy-crazy Brooke, who help him discover the imminent demon invasion on Veneseron. The demon army claim Evan’s the key to resurrecting their insane god. They’re prepared to butcher everyone in Veneseron to get him. Evan must surrender before they destroy all he's ever loved or use his demon magic to defeat the horde, revealing his powers to everyone and losing himself to evil.

    DEMON HUNT is an 84,000 word Young Adult fantasy told from multiple viewpoints with series potential. I am a twenty-year-old writer hailing from England who likes nothing more than creating imaginative stories. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    Let me live that fantasy. Sarah G's Avatar
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    Jun 2011

    Beta exchange

    meant to Pm
    Spark- 2015- NaNo- Won- 53,800 (second round of edits)

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    Thanks Sarah, PM'd you back

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    I'm looking for multiple points of view if anyone else is interested

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