It's not going on much at all in my area. But it depends on what you mean. We have a strong 'tracking' system here (that has its own problems, for sure), that offers many different levels of classes. So there are students not doing really well in school, or what they are learning is kind of slower. Sometimes that can be shocking, yes.

I think there are always going to be kids who don't (or can't) take education as seriously as folks might like.

Are y'all talking about whole schools where this is a problem? If that's the question, then it's definitely not happening in my local area. I can think of some bad schools nearby, however (private and public).

It seems to break down by money or by politics here, and not always both together. Some families are kind of set on not liking challenging education, seriously. That surprises me, but they are very stubborn about it! If we still had apprenticeships or more farms where I live, it wouldn't be a problem like it is in more 'modern' times. The kids I'm thinking of end up not learning any skills that earn a living.