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    Finally! The results you have all been salivating over!


    (I feel like I am reliving Blarg's Zipcode contest results. )

    But unlike Blarg's contest, where one of the two got notably more first and second votes, it is pretty much a wash between them. So I am going to take a page from my predecessor and declare both of them 2nd place winners. I will do the coin toss on who gets to choose the prize first, and go on from there.

    Unlike my predecessor, I am going to move the next closest person up into 3rd place, since I have four prizes donated for the contest and the tally is sooooo close! It seems only fair.

    So, on to the announcement of the winners.

    In the number one spot with her poem Cracklaeur, please congratulate


    In the number two spot, please congratulate these two ladies who did a wonderful job and tied for 2nd:

    Kelly Assauer for her poem Fevered!


    ajc for her poem Last Night I Saw Pauline!

    In third-place, coming in just one point shy (!) of tying for second-place with Kelly and Amy, please congratulate:

    kborsden for his poem Schizoaffective Re-Order!

    Congratulations to all the winners of the Dreams, Visions, or Nightmares Poetry Contest!

    Thank you, everyone, entrants and voters and those who went out of their way to publicize this contest for helping make this contest such a huge success. I can not tell you how much your support and participation have meant to me. I am still grinning!

    For those of you that wonder, yes I will be posting the rankings and total points for the contestants. But I am having some trouble making it look right here using white dots to separate out the categories, so give me a bit. I wanted to go ahead and get the announcement out on the winners first before I spent any more time mucking about with formatting. (eta: info in post #15.)

    (Prize winners – pm me with your choices so we can get your prizes to you.)


    If you would like to read the original thread announcing the contest, you will find it here: Dreams, Visions, or Nightmares.

    If you missed entering or voting in this contest, and still want to read the entries, you will find them here: entries. (password: citrus)

    If you want to read the discussion thread about the contest, you will find it here: discussion.

    That's it, folks! This completes the February Poetry Contest: Dreams, Visions, or Nightmares. It's been a load of fun and my sincere appreciation goes out to all who entered and all who voted. Thanks, everyone!
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