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You miss my point. I don't categorically dislike prologues. I've read prologues that work, very well. But I've read far more prologues, in manuscripts, that just plain suck, for a variety of reasons. And I'm convinced they suck largely because the writers wrote them before they wrote the actual story. It shows, every damn time. The worst of them, and the most common, are pure and simple info-dumps. Which are the first symptom of a writer not trusting the readers: I just gotta explain stuff, or nobody will get it.

Which generates my primary caution: No, you don't. Readers are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter than you think they are, IF you've written a damgood story.

So, go write a damgood story. Worry about the prologue after you've done that. If it's necessary, write one. If not . . . for Godsake, don't. Try not to be a pretentious imbecile. Leave that to people like me, who aspire to write "literary" fiction, and aren't good enough writers to write good genre fiction.

Thank you.