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Just wanted to say I've just come back from an interview roundtable with Taylor Kitsch (the star of the film) and it was just fantastic. There was some really cool insight into the making of the film, and his relationship with the director. I'll be likely posting the audio for the interview tomorrow/Friday, so I'll come back and let you know. Even if the film doesn't intrigue you, if you like the filmmaking process, you'll like hearing this roundtable.

Also, as a side note, Kitsch is an amazing interviewee. Sincere, well spoken and funny. Makes eye contact with you. And I was also sitting right next to him, and yes, he really is rather nice to look at too .

My review should also be up on Friday. Will return with the link then too .

This is Adrienne aka Toothpaste, signing off.
I am so jealous right now. Way to go, girlfriend!