Well, here is my blog. I always welcome input from fellow writers and readers. The blog has several weekly features such as:

Mon: TV Tropes Mondays- I discuss a trope (from the page of the same name) and add my two cents, such as how can writers use the trope or avoid its common pitfalls.

Tue/Thur: Serials- Tuesday Serial is Wizards' World War a U/F serial that answers the question, what happens when magic comes out in the open? Thursday serial is Ambrosius the Warlord set in a fictional Dark Age/Romano-British England and plays with the tropes/mythology of the Arthur Romance/Matter of Britain.

Wed- World Building Wednesdays- Where in a talk about what else, world building.

Fri: Space for Rent- A space to vent. I talk about esoteric subjects which may or may not be related to writing, although almost always related to media and pop culture.

Sat: Weekend Roundup- Links to the week in post and anything else I care to throw in.

Sundays are open although right now I'm posting another serialized story, Paranormal Romance, which is waaayy out of my comfort zone but there it is.

The header also contains links to past serialized stories, fan fiction (yeah, I'm one of those) and the like.

Again the link is: http://ralfast.wordpress.com