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Thread: February Book Study: The Prestige

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    February Book Study: The Prestige

    Welcome to the AW SF/F book club! For the month of February we will be discussing The Prestige

    Spoilers will be streaking naked through this thread. You have been warned!

    Here are the previous book studies. Please feel free to revive any of these threads if you want to talk about any of the previous books.

    Ender's Game (August)
    Lies of Locke Lamora (September)
    A Deepness in the Sky (October)
    A Fire in the Deep (November)
    Storm Front (December)

    I Am Legend (January)
    The Onion Girl (February)
    Lord of Light (March)
    Small Gods (April)
    Beggars in Spain (May)
    The Once and Future King (June)
    Foundation (July)
    The Graveyard Book (August)
    Neuromancer (September)
    The Last Wish (October)
    The Knife of Never Letting Go (November)
    One Hundred Years of Solitude (December)

    Battle Royale (January)
    Jhereg (February)
    Cyberabad Days (March)
    Tigana (April)
    Next (May)
    Perdido Street Station (June/July)
    Boneshaker (August)
    His Majesty's Dragon (September)
    Never Let Me Go (October)
    The Child Thief (November)
    Solaris (December)

    Lirael (January)
    Lavinia (March)
    Hugo nominees (April)
    The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (May)
    Dawn (June)
    Good Omens (July)
    The Hunger Games (August)
    The Last Unicorn (September)
    Ubik (October)
    The Colour of Magic (November)
    The Caves of Steel (December)

    The Princess Bride (January)
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